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Gryphons? Dragons?

Posted by royalgryphon on 2008.03.04 at 10:28
Okay, so there's quite a contest between gryphons and dragons in this wonderful Real World, but it's usually accepted that dragons are stronger, right? Well I say it's bullcarp. As much as I hate to argue these sensitive points, especially around those Real World dragons that have superiority complexes, I must say that I see the gryphon and the dragon as having complementary strengths and weaknesses.

Why the hell does there have to be a competition, anyway?

The furred dragons within my realm are enormous and generally looked at as a respected species, much like their smaller gryphon friends. They're quite knowledgeable about the natural world and retain information no matter how insignificant almost indefinitely, like some sort of living computer hard drive. They, unlike the more western real world counterpart, tend to stay in the more tropical mountainous zones where it's warmer, as they lose too much heat through their wings in flight otherwise. Their wings are not furred and the membranes would go numb and become fragile in cold mountain climates.

They do share territory with gryphons and contrary to popular belief, get along. Neither could afford not to. For every weakness one possess, the other has a strength. Speed vs brawn... that sort of thing. Not that they sit there and compete and compare how badly they could beat up another species. No, that seems to be reserved for those stuck in the Real World. Honestly, what? They do like to wrestle among themselves out of fun, though, it would seem.

Regardless, the dragons in my realm are generally peaceful, omnivorous, and have an affinity toward nature. Kind of a different feel, isn't it? A carnivorous dragon would decimate entire ecosystems, and cause a lot of havoc, really.

The score in the end:
Dragons: 1
Gryphons: 1

Now can we all just get along?

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