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Newbie Journalists

Posted by royalgryphon on 2008.02.18 at 15:38
I recently come across this little article by a journalist that needs to seriously check his sources. Enjoy.


On the Plane of Floof: A Documentary

The origin of all floof is tied to the creation of the Plane of Floof. This event is known by those inhabiting the plane as the Moment of Fuzz. Outside of the Plane, it is largely referred to as the '60s, or "Them dern tree-huggin' hippies". The exact date of its creation, however, is unknown. Most experts who study the Plane conclude that it was likely created in early AD1962 (Earth time) mostly due to the resentment of the Vietnam War. This date is criticized by some, claiming they believe the Plane was created in the wake of The Beatles' jump to fame around AD1964. This claim has been shot down several times, experts agreeing that the Plane persisted without problems even after The Beatles' rather unfluffy decline. According to some, the Plane of Floof experienced a continuous expansion as the conflict in Vietnam dragged on. After the conflict, the Plane remained steady, slightly growing during the ongoing Cold War, Cuban conflicts and other trying periods.

The Plane itself was largely inaccessible for many years. Being just a wispy form, it was unstable. It's unclear when Fluffy, the god of the plane decided to separate it into its own "entity" of sorts, or even when Fluffy made his appearance, but what is known is that everything from the Moment of Fuzz onward was given a true form and taken into Fluffy as a larger part of his soul. In doing so, he created the Great Core Sphere, a large planet-like object of soft floof which the Plane itself is forever bound to. After some time, the Plane divided naturally into different "sectors", most prominent being The Expanse, Soft Sector, and Dark Sector. Once the Plane had settled, Fluffy created the Plane Boundary. The Boundary is an impenetrable shield of floof that is meant to keep the contents of the Plane secure, warm and forever comfy.

Once the Plane had been firmly rooted, Fluffy created the Floofites, a mysterious immortal race of caretakers that have never been seen by outsiders. It is theorized that they could resemble gryphons or even Fluffy himself in some way. The purpose of their existence is to tend to the plane and take care of duties that Fluffy himself cannot always do. Fluffy has allowed the Floofites the power to seed the Plane with life. At this time, the Plane of Floof is home to trillions of different species of fluffy creatures, the most prominent of which appear to be different species of gryphons. This could be due to the fact that gryphons represent the unity between feathers, fur and fuzz.

At this time, (As of early AD2006) the Plane is solely accessible through Fluffy. To get access to the Plane, one must consult Fluffy and be granted permission, after which a portal will be formed underneath Fluffy's feathers and the granted outsider will be allowed to pass. Any attempts to bypass this will fail, as the only way to pass through the Plane Boundary is via Fluffy's grant. The portal takes the visitor directly to the Great Core Sphere where they may use transportation there to get around.

There are no real plans in the Plane. Fluffy now seems to be just letting things run their course, messing with a little bit here and there. It appears that the Floofites are attempting to create a faster way of travelling around; however, any in-depth information is not clear. There is also a study indicating that the Dark Sector is spreading into the Expanse, but there is no real evidence to support this finding, and it appears to be under quiet observation by Fluffy and the Floofites.


So many things wrong with that, but I'll cover it more closely later on.

Fluffy out-

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