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The Wonderful Anatomy of Gryphons/Fluffy

Posted by royalgryphon on 2008.03.16 at 10:49
I am not a catbird!

Okay, I just thought I'd toss that out there. Seriously, though.

The gryphon that I am is a pure type of avian creature, somewhat related to birds. (Think hyper-evolved offshoot) We gryphons have a vastly different biology that allows us you fly without losing a ton of our weight and have a mammal-like reproductive system, four legs, and all that other stuff.

The specifics!

Yes, we are warm-blooded. It makes us more huggable, admit it. Moving on, gryphons have a very light need for water. Our wings, tail, ears and legs act in unison as one gigantic radiator to get rid of heat produced while flying. When a gryphon lands, most people that touch one will note the excessive heat they give off and be surprised. We do not sweat. We don't have the water content to do so. We also cannot fly effectively after eating, do to all the energy diverted to digestion. It's better for a gryphon to fly on an empty stomach. Going back to the water content within the body, the gryphon has a specialized filtration system that continuously cycles the body's water, cleaning out impurities. Gryphons do not sweat and they do not produce very much saliva, like many birds.

The cellular make-up of the gryphon is something that is the most different. Muscle, bone and cartilage is heavy in creatures. Extremely heavy. Gryphons seem to have developed an advanced cellular structure that is much the same volume and strength as typical tissues, but at a greatly reduced weight. A factor of 1/3 or more in some cases. This, plus the empty belly and less need for water makes the gryphon a very flight-worthy, highly maneuverable, powerful and acrobatic species.

Digestion in myself, is also a little different. I'm unique among gryphons in that my digestion occurs entirely within the stomach area. My body is capable of digesting any material with an atomic structure, as it strips the elemental make-up from the material and it's absorbed by a specialized organ. Think of it as a subspace container full of indexed atoms all waiting to be used. Okay, atoms are pretty useless, right? The body needs proteins and nutrients and complex fats and such to survive, right? My internal body has a solution to that, too. That same organ also acts as a synthesizer of sorts, and it can reconstruct whatever is needed at a constant rate using whatever is in there.

Cellular waste and all that is easily dealt with, too. It can easily be broken down into simple atoms and merely recycled indefinitely. What this system creates is basically a near-100% efficient digestive process. No waste is produced. The only things released from the body are unused stores that have been building up in the container organ's 'subspace storage'. elements like gold, for instance are not required by the body, so when digested, they are almost always flushed out in what is considered urine.

Not everything is digestible, though. I cannot digest stuff that has a magical ward or barrier on it, for instance. All in all, this system further allows myself the freedom of flight and maneuverability I need.

Gryphons? Dragons?

Posted by royalgryphon on 2008.03.04 at 10:28
Okay, so there's quite a contest between gryphons and dragons in this wonderful Real World, but it's usually accepted that dragons are stronger, right? Well I say it's bullcarp. As much as I hate to argue these sensitive points, especially around those Real World dragons that have superiority complexes, I must say that I see the gryphon and the dragon as having complementary strengths and weaknesses.

Why the hell does there have to be a competition, anyway?

The furred dragons within my realm are enormous and generally looked at as a respected species, much like their smaller gryphon friends. They're quite knowledgeable about the natural world and retain information no matter how insignificant almost indefinitely, like some sort of living computer hard drive. They, unlike the more western real world counterpart, tend to stay in the more tropical mountainous zones where it's warmer, as they lose too much heat through their wings in flight otherwise. Their wings are not furred and the membranes would go numb and become fragile in cold mountain climates.

They do share territory with gryphons and contrary to popular belief, get along. Neither could afford not to. For every weakness one possess, the other has a strength. Speed vs brawn... that sort of thing. Not that they sit there and compete and compare how badly they could beat up another species. No, that seems to be reserved for those stuck in the Real World. Honestly, what? They do like to wrestle among themselves out of fun, though, it would seem.

Regardless, the dragons in my realm are generally peaceful, omnivorous, and have an affinity toward nature. Kind of a different feel, isn't it? A carnivorous dragon would decimate entire ecosystems, and cause a lot of havoc, really.

The score in the end:
Dragons: 1
Gryphons: 1

Now can we all just get along?

Newbie Journalists

Posted by royalgryphon on 2008.02.18 at 15:38
I recently come across this little article by a journalist that needs to seriously check his sources. Enjoy.


On the Plane of Floof: A Documentary

The origin of all floof is tied to the creation of the Plane of Floof. This event is known by those inhabiting the plane as the Moment of Fuzz. Outside of the Plane, it is largely referred to as the '60s, or "Them dern tree-huggin' hippies". The exact date of its creation, however, is unknown. Most experts who study the Plane conclude that it was likely created in early AD1962 (Earth time) mostly due to the resentment of the Vietnam War. This date is criticized by some, claiming they believe the Plane was created in the wake of The Beatles' jump to fame around AD1964. This claim has been shot down several times, experts agreeing that the Plane persisted without problems even after The Beatles' rather unfluffy decline. According to some, the Plane of Floof experienced a continuous expansion as the conflict in Vietnam dragged on. After the conflict, the Plane remained steady, slightly growing during the ongoing Cold War, Cuban conflicts and other trying periods.

The Plane itself was largely inaccessible for many years. Being just a wispy form, it was unstable. It's unclear when Fluffy, the god of the plane decided to separate it into its own "entity" of sorts, or even when Fluffy made his appearance, but what is known is that everything from the Moment of Fuzz onward was given a true form and taken into Fluffy as a larger part of his soul. In doing so, he created the Great Core Sphere, a large planet-like object of soft floof which the Plane itself is forever bound to. After some time, the Plane divided naturally into different "sectors", most prominent being The Expanse, Soft Sector, and Dark Sector. Once the Plane had settled, Fluffy created the Plane Boundary. The Boundary is an impenetrable shield of floof that is meant to keep the contents of the Plane secure, warm and forever comfy.

Once the Plane had been firmly rooted, Fluffy created the Floofites, a mysterious immortal race of caretakers that have never been seen by outsiders. It is theorized that they could resemble gryphons or even Fluffy himself in some way. The purpose of their existence is to tend to the plane and take care of duties that Fluffy himself cannot always do. Fluffy has allowed the Floofites the power to seed the Plane with life. At this time, the Plane of Floof is home to trillions of different species of fluffy creatures, the most prominent of which appear to be different species of gryphons. This could be due to the fact that gryphons represent the unity between feathers, fur and fuzz.

At this time, (As of early AD2006) the Plane is solely accessible through Fluffy. To get access to the Plane, one must consult Fluffy and be granted permission, after which a portal will be formed underneath Fluffy's feathers and the granted outsider will be allowed to pass. Any attempts to bypass this will fail, as the only way to pass through the Plane Boundary is via Fluffy's grant. The portal takes the visitor directly to the Great Core Sphere where they may use transportation there to get around.

There are no real plans in the Plane. Fluffy now seems to be just letting things run their course, messing with a little bit here and there. It appears that the Floofites are attempting to create a faster way of travelling around; however, any in-depth information is not clear. There is also a study indicating that the Dark Sector is spreading into the Expanse, but there is no real evidence to support this finding, and it appears to be under quiet observation by Fluffy and the Floofites.


So many things wrong with that, but I'll cover it more closely later on.

Fluffy out-

The Eleven Rules (with commentary)

Posted by royalgryphon on 2006.08.11 at 15:24
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Okay, so I've posted the Eleven Rules around the place... I'll touch on them in a little more detail here, I think.

-The Eleven Rules of Fluffy's Floof-

"1. Fluffy's floof is sentient, a living community of entities that Fluffy produces. Despite their limited individual intelligence, they possess kleptomaniac tendencies and will absorb desirable objects if not monitored."

Reminds me of the time I nearly had a run in with Johnny Law... Okay, so it was MANY times. However, this one instance takes the cake. I believe I needed a few things at my local convenience/liqueur store. I forget the details, but I'm certain unicorn jerky was somewhere on the list. (The smoked stuff, not the peppered crap. You can't even taste the unicorn in it, but anyway) I think imported beer was also on the list. I'm digressing... Basically, I went in and grabbed what I needed. It never takes me long. In and out. So I go to walk out the door and start to shove the goods into my floof when I feel something in there. I look closer and as it turns out, my floof also decided to do some shopping... An entire shelf's worth of boxed wine. Eesh, that was embarrassing. I'm lucky I know the guy that works there. He know I'd never run off with crap like that. I try to make a better effort to not brush up against store shelves now.

"2. The floof is also telescopic and prehensile. For instance, Fluffy can reach out and grab things with his floof and manipulate them to a limited extent."

Not really much to say here. It's certainly convenient for when I need an extra hand, but I certainly couldn't paint a masterpiece with it. It does help me maintain the top spot in floofiness, though, so it's all good. As for detail, each particular hair and feather is able to expand, or "telescope" to a longer length. The floof's prehensile abilities ease cleaning as they can act like cilia, although far larger and more advanced. But you really wanna read all this crap? It can do The Wave like at sports events and stuff.

"3. Any floof that is pulled out, cut off, or otherwise detached from its master, will crawl around on whatever dislodged it. In theory, enough floof could smother and kill the attacker by invading their respiratory system.

This one is always a tricky one for some, I think. See, this ONLY applies to floof that has been "detached". Now, if I am naturally shedding and molting, those old hairs and feathers are effectively /dead/. They pose no threat. It is interesting to note that they still follow the "about two days" rule and will disintegrate after such a period. There is a reason for this that will be touched on later. As much as I hate this rule, it's an effective deterrent to idiots that wanna mess with my floof.

"4. Any floof missing from Fluffy will instantaneously respawn, making any attempts to render him not as floofy futile."

This is my favorite rule. It's pretty self-explanatory. However, even if it's not pulled out by the root, (such as being trimmed) the remainder will have repaired itself as soon as it's damaged. Floofy forever! So, yeah, I'm grateful for this one.

"5. Floof that is no longer on its master will only survive a maximum of two days before completely disintegrating, making it impossible to capitalize on Fluffy's floof."

While the reason I give is correct, it's only the reason in my interpretation. The real reason for this is that my physical being is sustained by my soul. As such, there can be no /duplicates/ of me, or /extras/ not attached to me. they will simple vanish from existence like they never existed in a "video game enemies that vanish after you kill them" type reasoning... erased from history, or something.

"6. The floof has the capability to absorb heavy shock and even many physical objects. However, Fluffy must be expecting this beforehand in order to bring this ability to use."

Just to make this clear, I don't need to be expecting a blow to absorb the shock. That is a passive trait. It's absorbing the object that I need to expect it. It isn't that simple though. It's not like I can go walking around in a self-induced paranoia thinking I'm about to be struck. It won't work that way. On the other side, this also works to my advantage when I'd rather not have something absorbed into my floof. The floof rejects it~

"7. The floof is not fire-resistant. It does protect against burns due to its instant-regenerative abilities, but even then, it can only insulate against so much heat."

Like anything, the floof acts as an insulator. A very good one. Despite having a flash point, it keeps the heat away from what matters (Me) very effectively. (Still has a horrid smell, though. You've ever smelled burning hair? It will overpower you, geeze) But as with anything, it has its limits. There's a reason you don't see me going volcano diving often. And no, it's not just the gases.

"8. The floof can temporarily form into a mirror-like bullet-proof armor by flattening tightly against Fluffy. In this state, it can sustain much more damage and resistance to crushing and squeezing forces is vastly improved. It takes a small amount of time to enter this configuration, however, making it unreliable in a sudden emergency. This technique also kills any critters that may be living on Fluffy (including fleas, ticks, etc.)."

Something I don't often use. I prefer to avoid tight situations. However, it's nice in any case. The floof actually flattens into a flexible sheet of bullet-proof armor with pressures so great, the floof melds together as if it were forged. This armor can take a lot on impact, anti-tank rounds, for example. As stated above, it's handy for getting rid of pests within my floof. (which is mostly what I use it for)

"9. The hairs of the floof also have the ability to join and twist together into an array of high-strength, needle sharp defensive quills much like that of a porcupine. In this configuration, burn resistance is somewhat sacrificed. As with rule eight, it takes a small amount of time to enter this configuration."

So... I covered the armor. Now for better defense. This works in much the same way. The floof melds together into quills, as I said above. The quills themselves are extremely sharp, having mono-molecular tips. (the pointy end is a single molecule) A handy defense against armored thingies.

"10. Fluffy's floof is also home to the plane of existence know as the Plane of Floof. All native things inside it are floofy in some way. The plane is the home of the never-seen and mysterious race of wispy gryphon spirits. It is impossible to enter the plane without approval of Fluffy, the guardian and caretaker of the plane. Fluffy also uses the plane to store his inventory of ever-useful things."

The Plane of Floof. My sweet, sweet paradise. Mmm... Well this rule is only partially correct. The spirits have never been seen by /outsiders/. They tend to stay unseen. But err... It's a big place, the Core Sphere has several wonderful getaway locations and some excellent spas. There's also the Steakhouse, but I'll get more into the details of locations on a later date. It's funny how people try to get into the Plane. It's a simple impossibility. You can't get in without my approval and my approval only.

"11. Floofing suddenly, depending on speed and power, can produce a miniature to massive shock wave that will knock all free-standing beings or objects away (depending, again, on the power of the shock versus the weight of the being/object) from Fluffy. More powerful shock waves are rather taxing on Fluffy's stamina, however."

This one... Once accidentally knocked everyone over in a café when the waitress snuck up behind me. I SWEAR she did it on purpose, but meh. At least I got my Café Mocha. It's one of those things that really helps to get critters away from you. It has the power to level about 10 city blocks. 'Tis nice, cuz that means even the biggest of critters will go flying a fair distance. I've never used it to that degree, though.

Weather Magic

Posted by royalgryphon on 2006.08.07 at 12:42
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Fluffy's only truly magical ability is weather control. Fluffy can alter the weather in nearly any way through direct control of wind currents, barometric pressure, cloud cover and weather fronts. In a way, the ability is a lot like telekinesis, as it involves moving physical objects with thought alone. However, it is limited in that the ability only allows the manipulation of gaseous substances.

Despite the limitations, Fluffy has near limitless control over weather conditions and can create some rather destructive natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, hailstorms, blizzards, heatwaves, severe lightning storms, etc... Such events are extremely rare and are usually extremely short events used for self defense, or to restore natural weather conditions in an area with an artificially altered climate.

The ability is precise down to the molecular level, and is necessary. Imprecise weather alterations in one area of the world could have a massive impact upon the natural weather conditions in another part of the world. Fluffy is known to use this precision to his advantage for other personal reasons. He's been caught numerous times sculpting and shaping clouds into visually perfect works of art.

The possibility to use this powerful ability as a weapon is unlikely, as it goes against Fluffy's guiding principle to cause no real harm to any creature unless in self-defense, or if necessary for basic survival. With this rule in place, it is rare to see Fluffy use his magical ability at all. The ability draws it's power from Fluffy's energy stores and tends to draw very little, to quite a bit, depending on what he's doing. So, for example, using a bolt of lightning to kill prey would be more taxing than necessary. (Unless said prey is far too dangerous to confront in melee, in which it might just be easier to find a different meal.)

On the Plane of Floof

Posted by royalgryphon on 2006.08.06 at 14:25
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They say a Dyson Sphere is a megastructure designed to fully encompass a star...

Now imagine this on a universal scale... a massive solid sphere known as the Plane Boundary surrounding the outside of a fictional universe, or rather the "Plane of Floof", a universal plane over 950 gigaparsecs in diameter. (A gigaparsec is one billion parsecs, or 3.261564 billion light years. By comparison, The Milkyway Galaxy is about 30,000 parsecs in diameter.)

The Plane Boundary is composed of an unnaturally high strength fluffy material that is virtually invincible as its strength is not derived from the material itself, but from Fluffy's soul. As a further precaution, it exhibits the same instantaneous regenerative capabilities that his own floof has and the boundary itself is several parsecs thick. These are necessary as a rupture in the Boundary would destabilize the entire plane, leading to a catastrophic event that would more than likely spill into other planes causing irreversible damage to them.

At the center of the Plane lies the largest single body of the plane "The Great Core Sphere". The GCS is a planet-like object easily 1/6 the size of the entire universe. Normally in our real universe, a universal body of this magnitude and of normal density would be classified as a supermassive black hole.

"If the semi-diameter of a sphere of the same density as the Sun were to exceed that of the Sun in the proportion of five hundred to one, a body falling from an infinite height towards it would have acquired at its surface greater velocity than that of light, and consequently supposing light to be attracted by the same force in proportion to its vis inertiae, with other bodies, all light emitted from such a body would be made to return towards it by its own proper gravity." - John Michell

However, the Great Core Sphere, despite it's size, has a gravitational field no stronger than that of Earth due to its very low density and complex internal structure.

The GSC has a unique geography due to its size, sporting a huge climate range which far exceeds the ranges found on earth and countless environments on the millions of continents. The Great Core Sphere is also unique in that it has a vast network of underground environments. Inhabiting the vast lands and oceans are trillions of species of organisms about 30% of which are self aware, bringing lots of diversity to the GCS.

(An interesting note is that I never even heard of a Dyson Sphere until a few weeks ago. I've been planning this for four years. So really, Dyson Spheres played no part in the design and I am just using the term as a visual example. I was originally just screwing around and being dumb.)

Fluffy's Note:

Posted by royalgryphon on 2032.08.05 at 21:06
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All posts contained in this community are by Fluffy. The subjects cover the Plane of Floof, various things about Fluffy, and other random stuffs.